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Greek traditional products

Healthy, genuine organic products & traditional Greek foods Online.

Greek, local, traditional products from selected producers of excellent quality and high nutritional value are an ode to the Mediterranean diet.

Traditional Greek cuisine is famous both for its deliciousness and for the balanced diet it offers. Olives and virgin olive oil (the treasure of Greek cuisine), feta cheese and generally cheeses, dairy products, spoon sweets, honey reflect the culinary particularity of every corner of Greece.

Below we list the most popular Greek products that constitute our nutritional heritage.

Cold cuts

• Synglino and Mani sausages

• Cretan sausages and apaki

• Lefkada salami

• Sausages of Mykonos

Nuts and traditional sweets

• Cretan nut (or dakos)

• Sweet xerotigana and kalitsounia savory with mizithra or sweet with honey from Crete.

• Loukoumia of Syros

• Zakynthian mandolato, pasteli and fiture.

• Kefalonian local sweet mantole and pastelia.

• Skaltsounia of Arcadia.

• Macedonian Halva

• Sweets. Wild cherry, grape, pistachio, fig, apricot, bergamot, lemon, plum, sour cherry, quince, eggplant and more!

Cheese and dairy products

• Greek feta with protected designation of origin (P.O.P). Feta production areas Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese and Mytilene

• Cretan gravies, mizithra and dry anthotyros

• Latotyri and peppery kopanisti of Lesvos

• Formala Parnassos

• Katiki Domiko

• Metsovo smoked cheese

• Manouri of Sifnos

• The famous graviera of Naxos

Olive oil, Olives

• Olive oil is perhaps the most popular Greek product. It stands out for its purity, its excellent taste and its high nutritional value. Crete, Lesvos, Kalamata are famous all over the world for their quality olive oil.

• Delicious olives from Halkidiki, Amfissa and Kalamata

Pasta & Legumes

• The traditional Flomari of Lemnos

• Faki Egluvi from Lefkada

• Fava of Santorini

• Giant beans of Kastoria and Prespa Honey,

Bee Products

• Greek honey comes in a wide variety of flavors, aromas and methods of preparation. The most well-known honeys are flower honey, pine honey and thyme. Cretan thyme, honey from Athani in Lefkada, Halkidiki honey are honeys of excellent quality and taste.


• Dried Evia figs

• Delicious crunchy Aegina peanuts

• Corinthian raisin

• Chios Mastic.

Greek spirits and drinks

• Sweet traditional wine vinsanto of Santorini

• Critic of tsikoudia and wine.

• The famous ouzo of Plomari on Lesvos,

• Citrus liqueur in Naxos

• Tsitsipira of Corfu

• Tsipouro Tyrnavou

Sauces, pickles

• Small artichokes of Tinos

• Santorini tomato

• Sardines from Kalloni Lesvos

• Messolonghi roe

• Florini red pepper

Greek cuisine supports a balanced diet model, which does not fall behind in enjoyment, and ensures a better quality of life, well-being and physical health.

Our local traditional products are everywhere and in abundance, with a wide variety. This is what we are trying to highlight.

Our purpose is to guide you with a journey of flavors to every corner of Greece.

Travel with us!